Banquet Menus


- Chicken (Bar-B-Cued, w/Orange-Almond Sauce, or Baked Creamy Chicken Roll-Ups) 

- Grilled Chicken Breasts w/Honey Mustard, Bar-B-Cue Sauce, & Fresh Salsa on the side 

- Champagne Chicken, Chicken Marsala, Southwestern Chicken

- Turkey, Dressing and gravy w/cranberry sauce 

- Eye of Round Roast Beef au jus w/horseradish sauce on the side 

- Tenderloin of Beef w/Burgundy Mushrooms

- Baked Honey Ham w/orange-maple sauce on the side 

- Pork Loin - Apple Cider Marinated or Herb Roasted 

- Marinated & Grilled Salmon Filets w/ dill sauce & lemon wedges

- Meatloaf w/Spicy Tomato Sauce on the side 

*The above entrees are served with choice of salad, two vegetables, bread with butter, dessert, tea, water and coffee.

Vegetable Choices

- Baked, Stuffed, or Mashed Potatoes

 - Cheese Grits

- Cheesy Mashed Potato Casserole 

 - Garlic Potatoes

- Oven Roasted Potatoes

- Rice Pilaf

- Green bean Casserole

- Spinach Maria

- Peas w/mushrooms

- Green Beans

- Fresh Broccoli or Broccoli Casserole

- Vegetable Medley

- Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Apples

- Baby Cinnamon Carrots

- Niblet Corn or Corn Pudding

- Sweet Potato Casserole w/ pecan & brown sugar topping

Dessert Choices

- Key Lime Pie

- Lemon Ice Box Pie

- Peach or Apple Cobbler w/ice cream

- Apple or Cherry Pie

- Banana Pudding

- Red Velvet Cake

- Carrot Cake

- Chocolate Cake w/fudge icing

- Cheesecake w/choice of toppings ($1 more per person)


Salad Choices

- Fresh Green Salad w/Ranch, Honey Mustard and Italian Dressings on the side

- Spring Mix w/dried cranberries, green apple slices, toasted walnuts, Bleu cheese crumbles and raspberry vinaigrette dressing ($1.00 more per person)

- Three types of lettuce w/sliced celery, mandarin oranges and glazed almond slices w/red wine vinaigrette dressing or Poppyseed dressing

- 9 Layered Salad - Iceberg lettuce, celery, green onions, peas, water chestnuts, salad dressing (a mixture of bleu cheese dressing, sour cream, mayonnaise and seasonings), chopped boiled eggs, bacon bits and parmesan cheese ($2.00 more per person)

-Fresh Fruit Salad (with seasonal fruits)

A BUFFET DINNER is available at an average cost of $20.00 per person. A typical buffet would include a salad, 2 meats, 3 vegetables, breads, two desserts and beverages.

All prices based on a minimum of 25 people. 9 3/4% sales tax is added to all prices. 20% gratuity is added if meal is served - no gratuity if meal is served buffet style. All prices include set-up, service, & clean up. All prices are based on using heavy duty disposables. If we provide china, glass, flat wear etc., there is an additional charge. White linen tablecloths are furnished for all food serving tables. There is an additional charge for any other linens.